Jordi Fonollosa

Chemosignals lab
BioCircuits Institute
University of California, San Diego
La Jolla, CA 92093-0402

I am a postdoctoral researcher at BioCircuits Institute, University of California San Diego.

During my PhD (University of Barcelona, 2009) I developed a NDIR spectrometer to monitor the ripening level in fruit and had the opportunity to visit Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques (Freiburg, Germany, 2005/06) and Chalmers University of Technology (Göteborg, Sweden, 2007).

In 2010 I joined the Institute for BioEngineering of Catalonia where I studied the biological olfactory system to optimize the design of gas sensor arrays and applied Information Theory tools to select the operating temperature of MOX sensors. In 2012 I joined the Chemosignals lab, BioCircuits Institute at UCSD, where I am studying different machine learning techniques to enhance the robustness of sensor arrays.

Recently, I started to explore the dynamics of neural systems. In particular, I am interested to understand how neural systems can learn and reproduce sequence of patterns autonomously.

For more details on my research, you can check the publication list below:

--- last update: May 2014 ---


PhD in Engineering and Advanced Technologies. University of Barcelona 2009
Title: Development of a compact NDIR spectrometer based on MOEMS components for fruit ripening monitoring.
Advisors: Dr. Santiago Marco and Dr. Mauricio Moreno

BS in Electronic Engineering. University of Barcelona 2007

BS in Physics. University of Barcelona 2003


E-nose team at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology. NASA

Artificial Olfaction group at Institute for bioengineering of Catalonia - University of Barcelona

Bioprocess Measurements Group group at National Institute of Standards and Technology

Mobile Robotics and Olfaction Lab at Centre for Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems

Biomedical Systems and Signals Research Group at Universitat Politčcnica de Catalunya


Interesting datasets:

Gas sensor array at different concentrations, drift dataset (4y data) (download)

Gas sensor array in open sampling settings (download)

Gas sensor array exposed to turbulent gas mixtures (download)

Gas sensor array under flow modulation (download)


Supervised and co-supervised students:
Pooja Jain (July-October 2013)
Daniel Choi (January-May 2013)
Jonas Mahiques (April-September 2012)
Floiran Volkmann (July-September 2012)

Year 2010/11; School of Building Construction, Polytechnic University of Catalunya (UPC)
Applied Statistics

Year 2009/10; School of Engineering, Polytechnic University of Catalunya (UPC)

Year 2007/08; School of Electronic Engineering, University of Barcelona (UB)
Sensors and Actuators
Signal and Information Processing
Electronic Instrumentation

Year 2006/07; School of Electronic Engineering, University of Barcelona (UB)
Sensors and Actuators
Signal and Information Processing