Discover DNA

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What You Do:

Explore how scale models are built and used.

Learn about DNA and its function in the body.

Investigate how information is stored in DNA.

Build a candy model of the DNA structure.

Decode a secret message.

What You Need:


Toothpicks ( 4-5 per student)

Gummy Bears in 4 Colors ( 8-10 per students )

Twizzlers ( 2 per student )

Paper Towel or Tray ( 1 per student )

Discover DNA Worksheet ( 1 per student )

Discover DNA Presentation ( 1 per group )

What’s Happening:

DNA is the way living organisms store the information required to exist. It holds all the instructions for structure and function. In this lesson, students build a model of the DNA structure to understand how the four chemical bases are ordered to convey information.

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