Solar Bags

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What You Need:

  • wslr_200-04Solar bags (ordered from Steve Spangler Science)
  • String to tie the bag shut and keep it from floating away!

Solar Bags

What Do You Do?

  • Thoroughly go over the Solar Bag pdf presentation.
  • Go outside and carefully roll out the solar bag and tie one end with the string.
  • After rolling out the bag and tying one of the ends, you have to run around and fill the bag with air.
  • Once it is full, tie the other end so that air can’t escape and watch the power of the sun at work!

What Happened?

The solar energy will heat up the air inside the bag causing the molecules to move around and bump into all sides of the solar bag and make it rise! This is a perfect experiment to learn about the properties of air, buoyancy and convection. It’s amazing science at work!

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