Bacteria Bust (Bacterial Plates)

What You Do:

Talk with students about the different types of bacteria, where they are found, and if bacteria are “good” or “bad”.

Pairs of students sample their environment for bacteria to test a hypothesis.

Bacterial plates are incubated for 24 hours to one week.

Students examine the bacteria gown on their plates to answer their scientific question.

Observe Ecosystems


What You Need:

Designing an Experiment: Growing Lima beans in different conditions



Plastic cups, Lime juice, tape, soil, cake tin for holding cups, lima beansimages


1. What do you know about plants?

2. What are the different parts of a plant? Flower, leaf, stem, roots

3. Why are plants green? Chlorophyll

4. How do plants get food to grow? Photosynthesis: carbon dioxide + water is made into glucose and oxygen with energy from the light

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