Wind Erosion


What You Do:

Learn about erosion processes.

Build a natural landscape.

Explore how the landscape changes with different inputs.

Shaky Situation

What You Do:

Explore the impact of earthquakes on society.

Learn about the people who help prevent earthquake damage.

Build a shake table to model the waves formed in an earthquake.

Use the engineering design process to build and improve earthquake resistant structures.

Practice teamwork, planning, and budgeting skills.

Lesson adapted from the Engineering Adventures “Shake Things Up” curriculum from The Museum of Science, Boston.

Recommended Lead-Up Lesson: Play-Doh Planet

Frosting Formations


What You Do:

Explore different land and water forms.

Learn about tectonic plates and geological activity.

Practice project planning and diagramming.

Build land and water features with frosting.

Develop presentation skills.

Recommended Lead-Up Lesson: Play-Doh Planet

Rocking Rocks


What You Do:

Learn about the rock cycle and the three rock types.

Model the processes of erosion and the rock cycle.

Use crayon shavings to make the three types of rock.

Geodes Gems


What You Do:

Practice developing and test hypothesis.

Learn about the formation of geodes.

Break open a geode to expose the crystal formations.