PB and J Day

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What You Do:

Practice writing and following directions.

Understand why clear instructions are important.

Explain to your teacher how to make the best PB & J!

What You Need:


Jar of Peanut Butter or non-peanut alternative ( 1 per class )

Jar of Jelly ( 1 per class )

Loaf of Bread ( 1 per class )

Plastic Knife ( 1 per class )

Paper Plate ( 1 per class )

PB + J Day Image Cards ( 1 per student )

PB + J Day Worksheet ( 1 per student )

What’s Happening:

Some things are so familiar to us that we forget that they may not be familiar to everyone! Students will at first write very simple directions, assuming that their teacher knows the basics of how to make a sandwich. When it becomes obvious that they need to be very specific, they get to practice their instructional skills. For an illustration of this lesson, see this video here.

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