Energy exchange

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What you do:

Understand how energy moves from one form to another using littleBits! In this activity we will stored energy (batteries), solar energy, and mechanical energy into electricity.

What you need:

Per group:

  • littleBits:
    • Power Bit
    • USB Power Bit
    • Fan Bit
    • Wire Bit
    • Long LED Bit
    • Buzzer Bit
    • Bargraph Bit
  • 9V batteries
  • Solar panels with USB outputs (can be shared between groups)
  • Hand crank flashlights with USB output (can be shared between groups)



Have the students explore the different ways they can turn on different littleBits components. Can they turn on an LED with a battery? How about with a solar panel in the sun? In the dark? How hard to they have to turn a hand crank to get it to power these circuits?

Ask the students about the different types of energy going into these circuits (electrical, solar, mechanical) and the different types coming out (light and mechanical). Can they think of other types of energy conversion in their daily lives?

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