Electricity, Magnetism and Energy Part 2

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Adapted from 2day’s How-to


  • red wire
  • light bulbs + light bulb socket
  • batteries + battery holder
  • 2 nails
  • paperclips
  • strong magnet
  • electric motor

Forming a Hypothesis:

  1. What kinds of materials can be turned into a magnet?
  2. How do we use electrical energy? Name 2 ways.


  1. Coil the wire tightly around the nail provided. Move a paperclip or the other nail close to it. Did anything happen? Now connect the ends of the wire to either end of the battery. Move the nail close to it again. Did anything happen?
  2. Try wrapping the wire tighter around nail, then try wrapping it more loosely. What makes the best electromagnet?
  3. Switch the direction of the battery. Is the effect any different?

(Pause here)

  1. Attach the magnet to the head of the nail, then let it “stick” to the battery (like the picture above). What happens when you hold the wire against the top of the battery and touch the other end to the magnet?
  2. Switch the direction of the battery (so the nail hangs down from the negative side). What happens?

(Pause here)

  1. Connect the battery to the motor. What happens?
  2. Reverse the connection (switch the battery terminals). What happens?
  3. Try connecting two batteries in series, then connecting both to the motor. Is there any difference?

After the Experiment:

  1. How can we make a magnet using electricity?
  2. How can we make electricity using magnets?

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