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What You Do:

Explore the effects of electricity on materials.

Build a circuit to turn a nail into a magnet.

Test how difference circuits influence the magnetism of the nail.

Recommended Lead-Up Lesson: Sticky Static, Circular Circuits, Magic Magnets

What You Need:


Bar Magnets ( 1 per group )

Paper Clip ( 3-4 per group )

Iron Nail ( 3”-4”, 1 per group )

Insulated Copper Wire ( 4 feet per group )

Wire Stripper ( 1 per class )

Alligator Clip Wires ( 2 per group )

2 X AA Battery Holder with Wires ( 1 per group )

AA Batteries ( 2 per group )

Electromagnets Worksheet ( 1 per student )

What’s Happening:

Electric current flowing through a wire produces a magnetic field. This principle comes in very handy in the form of an electromagnet. An electromagnet is wire tightly wrapped around a potentially magnetic core material. When the wire is connected to a battery, the electricity flowing through the coils produces a magnetic field that magnetizes the core. The magnetic fields of the core and the solenoid work together to make a very strong magnet. The best part about it is that the magnetic force stops when the electricity is turned off!

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