Mentos Madness

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What You Do:

Explore nucleation.

Practice developing and testing a hypothesis.

Drop Mentos into soda to see what happens!

What You Need:


Mentos mint candy
12-16 oz bottles of Diet Coke
12-16 oz bottles of Regular Coke
12-16 oz bottles of Sprite
12-16 oz bottles of Club Soda
60 mL syringes

What Do You Do?

  • Get different types of soda bottles set out and ready to be opened.
  • Using the 60 mL syringe, stack about 4-5 Mentos inside.
  • Carefully put the syringe just above the opening of each soda bottle and drop all Mentos in at once.
  • Now the adventure starts and watch the foaminess begin!  Which soda types produce the most foam (or highest geyser)?

What’s Happening:

The numerous small pores on the candy’s surface catalyze the release of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas from the soda, resulting in the rapid expulsion of copious quantities of foam. Although any carbonated beverage will produce a similar effect, the reaction was popularized using Diet Coke for seemingly producing the best results.

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