Convection currents

What you do:

Observe how hot and cold fluids move past on another with this fun and colorful activity!

What you need:



Blue ice cubes (freeze water and blue food coloring, using big whiskey-sized ice cubes works best)

Red food coloring

Water pitcher

Hot water source

Glass dish for mixing (1 per group)

Example video

Edible Model of the Sun


What You Need:

  • Plain sugar cookies (base of the sun)
  • Plate to work on
  • Plastic knives
  • Frosting (surface)
  • Short pieces of twizzler strips (prominences)
  • Yellow and red sprinkles (granular appearance of surface
  • Mini chocolate chips (sun spots)

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Solar System Orbits

What You Need:

  • Glass bows with lids
  • Marbles of different sizes
  • Yellow construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
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Scale Model of the Solar System

Adapted from

What You Need:

  • a yoga ball (the sun)
  • other sized balls to represent planets
  • planet size/distance calculations

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Solar Still

What You Need:

  • a wide plastic basin
  • sand
  • a smaller cup for collecting the clean water
  • a large piece of transparent plastic, plastic wrap can work
  • duct tape to hold plastic in place
  • a stone
  • salt (optional)

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